Author - John Chapman

"As a young boy, the wonder of the universe and a love of cycling had always been close to my heart."


Growing up in the 1960’s John began to form the first concepts of an idea through his strong imagination and creative role-playing. He dreamt of rocketships and space adventures, and was passionate about his bicycle and the escapism it gave him. Therefore it was no surprise that in 1998 John had the idea for his imaginary character Jonnie Rocket.

With the creation of this character firmly embedded in John’s imagination he spent the next two years formulating the idea; compiling the draft of his first book ‘The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket’ in the year 2000. He wrote this initial book as a scripted storyboard, with the aim of animating the character of Jonnie Rocket as a DVD series.

John has since created a collection of stories, centred on ‘The Adventures of Jonnie Rocket’, twelve of which will be published in book form.

As part of John’s imaginary space adventure, it was with some irony, that in 1976 he found himself with a brief appearance as an X-Wing Pilot in Star Wars (A New Hope), living out the dream of a space adventurer through the most iconic sci-fi film of all time!

Bringing Jonnie Rocket to life after four decades is John Chapman’s dream…