Jonnie Rocket - Schools and Parents


The character of Jonnie Rocket can be used across many areas of the national curriculum, including language and literacy, science, history, geography, ICT and design technology.

The books encourage early reading at home and at school, giving your child a great start!

The ethos of Jonnie Rocket is to encourage all children to have self-belief and self-confidence; and to motivate them to express their own creative abilities.

If you’d like to see how Jonnie Rocket can assist you in your school, please check out the Schools page.

Reading for Boys

It is well documented that boys are generally less inclined to read than girls, preferring more active pleasures such as cycling, kicking a ball and running around for entertainment. For many boys reading is an obstacle to academic success. In addition to the fact that many boys find it harder to learn to read, they are also lacking in motivation to do so. For many boys who are struggling to read as they move up through their primary years, they are provided with books that have a story which is too young for them, aimed at early readers and therefore not sustaining their interest.

Research suggests that boys who are offered reading material that they enjoy, are more likely to be hooked into the world of reading and want to do it more. Boys want to lose themselves in the imaginary world of superheroes, space and adventure. Encouraging boys to read books about these subjects will inevitably lead them to want to find more of the same, developing their literacy skills whilst providing pleasure.